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Workplace yoga classes

I have been teaching these private classes for four years.

Students say doing yoga at work has improved their physical and mental health. It has also helped them to stay calm under pressure.

But don’t just take my word for it – read the student comments.

Why yoga at work really works …

Because it …

– reduces stress

– improves focus

– boosts mood and creativity

– can be done anywhere – in a chair or a small office – and by anyone.

Yoga in the workplace

What I offer …

– Lunchtime or after work yoga and meditation classes

– Free one-off taster classes to new clients

– A complementary one-to-one session is also given to any employee who successfully recommends me to their employer

– Wellbeing at work weeks – I also run these with the support of other therapists.

Businesses have three class fee options –

1) Pay a set class fee for up to 12 employees (subject to space)

2) Subsidise a class for their staff, and employees cover the rest of the cost

3) Individuals pay a drop-in fee per class.

Drop me a line at if you want to know more.

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Teen yoga

I am also a teen yoga and mindfulness teacher. This means I have completed 60 hours of specialist training with Teen Yoga (UK), in addition to my yoga teacher training.

I teach yoga and mindfulness classes at an international and state school.

In addition, I run yoga classes for school wellness days with Yoga Rebels, the company for which I work.

Teen yoga classes are taught before or after school, or within the PE or personal enrichment programme.

Teen yoga - boy and girl

Why do teens need yoga?

Because it …

– improves stamina and flexibility

– reduces tension and anxiety

– boosts concentration

– fosters emotional resilience.

… And it meets school inspectors’ aims for students to learn reflection.

Who pays for it?

– Sport England funds are available for these classes

– School PE or personal development budgets

– Parents.

What about the teachers?

– They can have their own class! The benefits spread further when the whole school does yoga

– Teachers or the school pay for this class.

Email if you want these classes in your London school.

Read the blog – Why teens (+ all) still need yoga in a mindful world

Meditation pose


I am a Traditional Yoga meditation teacher.

I lead courses and workshops in this breath awareness method, and also teach it to teenagers.

What is this?

Prana Samyama is a meditation based on observing the natural breath.

It calms the mind and can also remove bad habits or stored stress. For example, fretting when something goes wrong.


How does this work?

Have you noticed how your breath speeds up when you are nervous? This is because the natural breath is connected to the body and also what is happening in the mind.

By watching the natural breath, you can become calm, aware and mindful. This also allows behaviour patterns to release. This is because the conscious mind is observing the unconscious mind.

Where are classes available?

Courses are run in north east London. Find out more.

Students are given recordings for home practice during the course.

One-to-one sessions

3-leg dog

Who’s it for? People with an injury or health condition, or those who want help with a home practice.

I also teach meditation in these sessions.

Students are given a copy of the practice to do at home.

Email for more details.