Why you should do the yoga postures you ‘hate’

Why you should do the yoga postures you ‘hate’

The yoga postures we most dislike are actually the best for us.

Really? Is this just another thing that teachers say, along with flowering your buttocks (no, I don’t say this!)?

I couldn’t bear this posture called crow, crane or bakasana – or more can’t-be-asana.

I still spent years trying to ‘perfect’ the posture, which is the Instagram image of yogis everywhere.

But I learnt a lot more along the way than simply to improve my upper body strength.

What I learnt is true yoga. But at the time I didn’t know it.

Students, like me, can benefit from these tips, which are the basis of yoga philosophy:

Be challenged but don’t compete – Yoga isn’t a competition. Take your focus off the person on the next mat. Your body is different to theirs. Losing the ego also helps you to get into those yoga postures because you’re more relaxed.

Be kind to yourself – It’s only yoga! The way you approach yoga postures can say a lot about your mind. Why must you be able to do a handstand right now? Will getting frustrated and cross with yourself help?

Be patient – Yoga students would traditionally practice under a master for years but now we want everything to happen in an instant – or a yoga class. Give it time and practice the prep yoga postures. If it doesn’t happen – well, who cares? Maybe you had fun trying?

Recently, I’ve been unable to lift up into the crow posture for some reason.

But now I now laugh as I fall out of it. This definitely makes it one of the best yoga postures for me.

What is yoga posture that you dislike the most? Arm balances in general are my nemesis.

Share your experiences in the comments below.

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  1. Anything that demands stretching of the hamstrings are my nemesis, so that is the area I need to focus on I guess. I seem to have an affinity for crow pose though, which just goes to show!

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